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Failing emissions inspection

I am in the procces of buying a 200sx se-r
Acoording to carfax one of the cars I am looking at failed emissions at 37k. I know the car has an intake. Could that be why? Why else would it of failed. The car is in NY I know we a re sort of strict I think.
it is a 98

Also are there any commmon problems woihjt these cars I should look for?

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I have a 98 200sx. I have not encoutered any problems with the car or the inspection. I have about 50,000 miles on mine.

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hey i have a 96 se-r , it failed inspection last year, for some reason or the other- the guy must have tried something with it and it didnt pass... no clue what though, all i know is it passed this year and is for a while. I say bring it to a garage safe bet there mark. You never know what your gettin till you get it checked over.

Good Luck

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True. Having it checked out is always the best thing. Make sure they aren't over pricing you either. Check up on Kelly's blue book.
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