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Falken Tire Drift Showoff TEXAS!!...

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Mainstream Productions and On the Scene Video Magazine in association with Drift Association and Daily Drifter presents the Falken Tire Drift Showoff at Gulf Greyhound Park in Houston, TX. This event is designed to showcase the sport of Drifting to fans across the US and take the sports compact generation to the next level.

Gulf Greyhound Park
One block west of 1-45 south at Exit 15, 30 miles south
of Houston and 15 miles north of Galveston in La Marque, Texas

Area 1: SHOWOFF Carshow
The infamous Showoff Car Show hits Texas…. You heard and read about it, now become a part of history to be in the first and original car show to hit the scene! Featuring Texas' finest Teams, Japan Spec, US Spec and Euro Class tuned automobiles to hit the Showoff Competition Arena. Plus,the extensive Manufacturer and Vendor alley. ...Full Details

Area 2: Drift Exhibition
All day drift exhibition with pros getting sideways at over 100mph!!! Come check out side by side drifting action in this exciting display of speed, style and car control featuring the cars and drivers from Falken Tire.

Area 3: Drift Clinic and Competition
This event will cater to intermediate and advanced drivers who have basic knowledge of car control/drifting and want to learn about advance drifting techniques and get the necessary seat time to be competitive in local, regional and national competitions.

Course will be designed to accommodate high speed as well as low-speed sections for isolated approach practices and side braking zone. A Skid pad and J-Turn areas will also be provided for testing and evaluations.

The participants of this event will be divided into groups. Each group will have in-seat driving time and also time outside assisting and observing driver groups with instructors. There will also be a classroom type Q&A briefing session to mentally boost your skills for the following driving sessions throughout the day. Each group will receive equal driving and course observation sessions.

Drivers in the drifting clinic will battle it out for the top 3 spots and earn the right to drift against the Japanese pros in the final jam session.

1st place
$500 Cash
Set of Falken Azenis Tires
Bomex body kit

2nd place
$250 Cash
Rotora Carbon Fiber Wing
Trophy 3rd place
Consolation Prize

All clinic participants will receive a gift bag and automatically entered into a raffle to ride along with the Falken Tire Pros.

For Drifting info hit:

For Car Show info hit:
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ive already made plans to be there...
I might be ready, watch out cesar!
<---shakin In My Timberland B00tz
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