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I got this while reading on the forum boards. Some of you may be very excited to hear that a sequel to the block buster movie The Fast And The Furious while others may have a difference in opinion. Well any hoot " I'll believe it when I see it....."

Qouted From forum board

Screenwriter talks FAST AND THE FURIOUS 2
Gary Scott Thompson notes he is "signed, sealed and delivered" for the sequel
Dateline: Friday, June 29, 2001

By: Managing Editor

With Universal’s FAST AND THE FURIOUS setting records at the box office (after an amazing opening weekend, the film continues to generate high weekday numbers), it’s no surprise that plans for a sequel are already in the works. This past Tuesday, producer Neal Moritz announced that his team had already begun work on a follow-up feature, at which point CINESCAPE tracked down screenwriter Gary Scott Thompson at a WGA “meet and greet” to get the low down. But be warned – his comments contain major spoilers for those who have yet to see the
An urban street race gone bad in THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS
© 2001 Universal Pictures

“It feels great,” says the writer about THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS’ opening weekend numbers. “And Monday we did $5.2 million and Tuesday there was a spike, so everybody’s pretty happy. [Now it’s], you know, sequel time! I’m already signed.”

While the specific storyline for the follow-up is still being worked out, the sequel is sure to provide answers to the more obvious questions left open in the original.

“We have a lot of different ideas right now,” says Thompson. “We’re not sure really because there’s a lot of ways we could go. Basically, the audience wants to know what happened to these guys. In a lot of the theaters I went to, people were walking out going, ‘What about Vin? What about Brian? What happened to Mia? Where’s Letti?’ So to say that we don’t know [what the story will be about] would be a correct statement; to tell you that I knew what it was, I would never tell you that.”

However, Moritz did let slip that the thread for a sequel lies in an overlooked scene that plays after the film’s end credit sequence.

“There is a shot after the credits roll and that’s where a sequel would possibly pickup,” says Thompson. “But, you may not be in one of the theaters that actually has that shot. It’s only in select theaters, apparently. It’s very
Dominic and Brian drive the city streets as if they own them
© 2001 Universal Studios

So what is the mystery scene? Even the screenwriter is a bit unsure. Apparently, the shot was tacked on to the end of the film a mere weeks before its premiere.

“We tested the movie and it was testing through the roof – people loved it,” says Thompson. “A lot of people wanted to know what was going to happen next. Since everybody liked it, [the production team] went, ‘God, what do we want to do?’ They went through the footage that they had and tried to put something on and none of it added up. I personally liked the ending, but they decided to shoot a tag based upon conversations that had taken place with various parties of the creative team about the possibility of a sequel.”

From what the scribe can remember, the shot depicts Vin Diesel’s character continuing his street-racing career south of the border.

“It says Baja, California and you see Vin Diesel driving,” says Thompson. “And Vin says, ‘I live my life 10 seconds at a time.’ Then he drives off. There might be more to it than that – that was hastily done in the last, I want to say, four to five weeks.”

While Thompson is unsure whether the rest of the cast has signed on for a sequel – “I’m assuming no one would make the mistake not to sign someone after Jim Carrey and THE MASK,” he jokes – the screenwriter notes that the time table he is working under is, you guessed it, fast and furious.

“I met with the director yesterday, Rob [Cohen],” says Thompson. “I talked to Neil today. I talked to the execs over at Universal. Everybody’s just pretty excited. I don’t think anybody thought it would be so huge [Monday], and then to spike again [Tuesday]. It’s kind of like, ‘Oh, my God. What did we create here?’”

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