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Not to be biased against the rest of the country but I am so glad that in this article they acknoledge that import racing started over 20 years ago and was brought to the NYC (which can apply to Florida too)area over 20 years ago by West Indian and Peurto rican/Dominican guys. I used to watch these guys at Hunts Point in Fiats 131's, Datsuns, BMW's (320i, 2002tii's) Toyota Corolla's, Starlets and RXeverythings-2-3-4-7. Fountain Avenue and 150th Street were most always Domestic racers. The spot they aretalking about in the Article is I think Francis Lewis.
Here is a pic of my brothers BMW he used to race. If you know NYC you will notice the orange license plates. That was over 17 years ago.

Here is a 510 that we do have selling
Asking 5G neog. It is rust free:

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