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FastBrakes Big Brake Kit GB

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Due to some interest shown:
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Ive contacted FastBrakes for a Group Buy on the following:

11" Nissan Sentra SE-R/NX2000 Front Disc Brake Upgrade kit

2-11" 23mm thick directional vaned rotors (slotted/x-drilled optional)
2-Wilwood Dynalite II 4-piston billet calipers
2- Stainless steel lines and necessary fittings
Choice of Brake Pads (different compounds)
2-adapter brackets (caliper torque members) and necessary hardware
**Includes installation instructions.

We need a minimum of 10 Orders at a price of $750 + $25 shipping anywhere in US (HI and AK extra)

feel free to visit the website and search the forum for info on them. also you can PM me if you have any questions, Im pretty familiar with this kit . Ive had mine since the first group buy and am satisfied with it....
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If I get a job with in the next few weeks, I'm definately down. I have the money, just won't have it if I can't get a job. Been wanting this chit forever...:D
umm ok... thats sort of one interested person.. what happened to all the rest??????
thats more than i paid for my car!! ha, i couldnt afford such a mod this year.. still working on my other ride
Not trying to be a spoilsport but...

$750 + shipping doesn't seem that good of a deal, as GBs go...

and YES, I know that JGY has low prices anyway compared to other places.
Dude said:

$750 + shipping doesn't seem that good of a deal, as GBs go...

and YES, I know that JGY has low prices anyway compared to other places.
I was thinking the same thing...
well first off.. Im not making any profit or nothing from this deal...and second, I already have a FastBrakes setup....

People showed interest so I emailed [email protected] and he quoted me exactly what you see above... Im sure he gives JGY better prices, because he buys in bulk and keeps stuff on the shelf, Sorry i cant personally afford 10 Brake kits, to get a better price, but I just dont think I could unload them, when theres not even one interested party...

A few people asked me to contact Brian, so I did... I never promised a kick ass price or free ****... I do believe it is a fair price....apparently real fair if thats what JGY sells them for..Im basically eliminating the middle man....oh well...again, I already have this kit....

sorry for wasting ya'lls time I guess there wasnt any interest in this.....just buy them from JGY then...
No problem jo$e.

750 IS a good price and you did not waste anyones time!

Your thread just made sure that anyone looking for the FastBrakes now knows about JGY prices on them and will be looking there first whenever the cash or the need appears. :)

I wasn't saying anything bad about you Jo$e...I'm sorry if you took it that way! You did get a very good price quoted. I was on JGY's site checking out that kit a few minutes before I read your post, so the similar prices came to mind, thats all!

Better luck next time...

we could always use a little more $$ off our projects!

no worries, like i said.. this really doesnt pertain to me, so i just did what others requested, although, i imagine, FastBrakes WILL NOT budge on this price unless we order more than 10... could be wrong though...

either way im all about saving money.. nothin wrong with that...i did what i could.. oh well...
What size wheels would you need on an NX to fit over theses brakes, anyone know?
certain 15's will clear, 16s will defintely clear.
I have a list of a few 15's i know will clear... the importance is that the spoke is far away from the inside of the wheel and a high offset (40+) is favorable...
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