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thanks for the coments, the rims are 17 inch Racing Harts, and for the suspension its the KYB/Groundcontrol coilover kit..
Im going to get some shorter shocks from Truechoice soon, if you lower ur car with the kyb's more than an inch, your ride will suffer, it gets real bouncy and bottoms out, thats why im going with some custom Koni's from truechoice, good luck,

1991 Nissan Sentra SER
KYB AGX Struts,Ground Control street set up,17*7 Racing Hart C2's on Nitto 205/40zr/17's no brakes (yet) talking to Baer and Kooltech,
1993 SR20DE motor from a wrecked automatic G20, Honed and tapped for pistion squrters by JWT,DET squrters,Crower Rods, GTiR main bearings,Arias pistons,HKS metal head gasket, ARP studs for the mains and Head,entire botoom end balanced by Bensons,custom kevlar clutch,Portflow ported and polished head,5 angle valve job,JWT S3 cams,Nissan Motorsport Cam Sprokets,JWT ECU JWT polished fuel rail/70lbs MSD Injectors, Cobra MAF,
300zxTT fuel pump upgrade,AEM fuel pressure regulator,F-MAX stage 2 turbo kit, HKS wastegate,and recirculation valve.TurboneticsT3/T40E Ball Bearing Turbo,Front mount intercooler. silicone hoses for all water and vaccume lines,Earls fittings and steel braided lines for fuel and oil,polished valve cover, autometer phantom guages for Boost,Exhaust Gas Temp,Water Temp,Oil pres. and Air fuel, 3 gauges are mounted on a custom bezel where the A/C vents used to be..still to come... ignition? boost controler? seats? roll cage, and brakes....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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