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now that i have your attention..

I'm looking at attempting the fastest street radial tyre'd FWD vehicle in australia.

I'm curious as to wheel/tyre combo.

I guess I'm looking for is idea's on what street radial and wheel combo to use.

I have a couple of sets of factory nissan 14" alloys, a set of factory nissan 15" alloys and my 17" alloys.

I spose I'd like to use the 14"s. I currently have a set of Yokohama ADVAN 032R's (r-comps) on some 14"s which go okay, but really I think they are too skinny for any real traction..

Perhaps I should try find some 14x7 or 14x8s ?

and recommendation on tyres? nitto's ? Looks like M/T dont make a street ET in the right size for a FWD :(

Thanks, James

Pat Pat Pat
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They do make a hoosier that will fit, but its tight under the guards, may friend has run with this car running them

Make is Australasian challenge, the Rotheries have already run an 11.2, they drive it to the strip on 195 65 14's on stock rims, bolt the tires on, race, swap back and drive home again. Aint got a heater tho, and not a great deal else inside.

Good to hear it's gona have some go to fit the show, your car looks mean! Get it in zoom mag as soon as you get some numbers on the strip.

As to width, i went from 13's on 225s, to 12.5 on 205's. go figure.
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