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Here's a quick video from my latest event down in D.C. region. All I can say is I LOVE that lot! Definitely fast and open. This was my first time really testing out the B15MS front mounts, additional camber (-2.0 vs. -1.5), and raised ride height of about 1" from previous setting (currently at 25" from ground to fender). All I have to say is the car was money, right from the get go. First run had some off camber throttle lift oversteer issues, but I dropped the rear tire pressure a bit and drove around it a bit and it worked really well. Now just need to get the car corner weighted and I'm set!

Final results for the day were a 60.571, good for 1st in STX out of 12 and 42nd in PAX out of 266 drivers. Still need to work on the nut behind the wheel, but the car is already a huge improvement over last year.

Anyways, enjoy! :D

Just realized, I uploaded the wrong video. This is the raw footage from the event. The 4th run was my fastest. :eek:

Run 1: 63.445
Run 2: 61.077
Run 3: 60.752
Run 4: 60.571
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