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These are for all USDM-only SR20's. The DET's have an exh valve that is 1mm bigger in diameter on the stem, so I ended up getting a set of sodium filled jdm stock size det valves because Ferrea wanted $50 a valve to make the custom one's.

I'll let these go for $200 shipped. Come in the original ferrea box, and all 8 are still sealed in individual little baggies. =)

Ive also got a set of 95 SER cams, and a set of stock BB cams, if anyone needs cams. Both used, but the BB cams are mint and have the same profiles as the 91 cams (gain ~5-7 hp I think?).

$50 shipped per pair takes those.

I take paypal at [email protected]. Please add the 3% fee if this is your preferred method.
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