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Finally got my donor SE-R

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well, after two years of owning my 1995 200sx with the shitty GA, i found myself a totalled 1997 Nissan 200sx SE-R in sunburst orange. i bought the car for 600 bucks with everything in working order(except the body panels). Even the wheels were untouched! anyway, i pulled the motor out in 3 hours and now i just have a few questions before i got tryin to put this thing in..
1. i plugged the gauge cluster into my existing harness and it works just fine.. so i figure i dont have to change that at all... but will i have to change the engine harness??? i think soo...
2.can i use the GA throttle cable??
3. can i use the GA clutch cable??
4.i heard that 3 of the four mounts match up but if i just swap the se-r lower cross member over shouldnt this solve the problem????

anyway, any educated answers are greatly appreciated and even though i have an ASE Certified Nissan Master-tech helping me throught the swap, he has never done anything like this... so i lookin to the SR forums for some help... thanks
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Hey c'mon now, the GA16DE is a good engine, just not very powerful.
search for more info, there's a couple threads pertaining to this swap. anyhow, you have the donor car, might as well swap everything out. you still have to swap out the passenger side motor mount, use the sr20 engine harness but modify the ga16de accessory harness (starter plug). through my experience (98ga16 to 98 sr20), both throttle and clutch cables were different in size, but like i said, might as well swap everything out. might wanna consider swapping out the power steering rack, it is different.
ok, so its the passenger side motor mount that doesnt fit right??? thanks for the info... anything else i should know, i'm swappin on presidents day weekend..
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