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Finally got my exhaust fixed

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I finally bought a downpipe and got my exhaust fixed to where I can run an exhaust. I have a 3" mandrel VRS downpipe, a Catco converter, and 2.5" inch piping back to a Magnaflow muffler and it sounds great. It almost sounds like a stock car but with a little deeper tone. It does feel like I lost a little power because I was just running an open J-Pipe before but its worth it. I do have an electronic cutout that I have yet to get installed but that is in the future plans.
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must be nice not to breathe in fumes any more :tongue:
javierb14 said:
must be nice not to breathe in fumes any more :tongue:
Yeah it is kinda nice! hehe
sr20ser1997 said:
Glad the dp worked out for you. :)
Yeah thanks alot man I really like the downpipe. sr20ser1997 is an awsome seller!
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