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finally got some gauges

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I didnt have time to get them in the car before I had to head back to school, but they should be in next weekend. Ill get some installed pics then.

Could not afford the nissport adapter so i taped the water neck. I didnt have any problems with the thin material and it turned out really good.
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Damn thats pretty sweet. Looks like its gonna be a clean install.
Congrats, looks really good indeed.What did you used to tap in the water neck?
The sending unit has 1/8 NPT threads so I just drilled with a 5/16 drill and taped it with a 1/8NPT tap.
NoClassic said:
I did the same for the water temp sender, worked really well. I also like how the 3 gauge install looks. Very clean.
Made a trip home this weekend and finished wiring up the gauges. Now I just need my ECU back.

From the back

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Sweet man, looks good!
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