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Well I finally went to the track. Man was I disapointed. I couldn't hook up if my life depended on it. Of course I ran with my 18's on and all my stereo in, and my spare tire in. So here's the results.
1st Run:
r/t .555
60' 2.503
330 6.810
1/8 10.134
mph 75.28
1000 12.937
1/4 15.323
mph 95.08
The first run was tight off the line but then the spinning began.. STOMPED a Integra GSR with NOS.
2nd run:
r/t 1.037(I know I know)
60' 2.438
330 6.496
1/8 9.769
mph 76.03
1000 12.559
1/4 14.926
mph 95.73
So the second run I was SLACKING on the line. I wasn't ready actually. So I think mid 14's are possible with my 18's. Low 14's with 15's, and high 13's with slicks. I didn't think I did all that bad since it was only my second time running at a track. I won all 3 races. 1st, NOSed GSR. 2nd, Subaru Impreza 2.5rs modded. 3rd 93 Civic Si with a integra motor in it. Oh my 3rd run I pulled a 15.027. I need to work on launches for sure.

Not another civic....

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What do you have done?

If your turning 95mph traps with 18's, yes with slicks you should be able to get a high 13 out of it. Take that stereo crap out too.

My mph was similar and the car went 14.1 on slicks but I hit the breaks to not break out and only landed a crappy 2.0 60'. A car crashed, I didnt' get any more runs winter came, and now the car pulls about 28mph more in the quarter.

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Only 28 more mph?? DAMN I WISH! Well so far I have Place Racing CAI, Hotshot Headers, JWT S3 cams, Dunk muffler, and a 60 shot of NOS. I have other little things such as NGK Plats, Regrounded MAF, All synthetic fluids, bumped timing, and a BUNCH of other cosmetic stuff. As for the stereo I figure it's not too bad to be able to hit 145db's and run a 14.5.

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Oh crap that was on a 60shot?!

Dude you got a lot more performance in the car than that! Those 18's must have killed you.

Pull out your spare, pass seat, stereo stuff, get some 15x8x22 MT slicks, stock wheels out back with 55psi air pressure, (Don't drive with them like that track only) and you should pull low 14's on motor alone. My 14.1 run was on motor with similar mods. Your dunk muffler is hurting you, trust me on this...I've been there done that with another SE-R

I had:
AEBS header
Custom 2.5" cat back
UR pullies

That's it.

The car went [email protected] on a 50 shot so that gives you an idea where you can be.

anybody have an idea of what i can run in the 1/4 mile?
- mickey thompson slicks
- 75 shot NOS
- catback 2.25 exhaust
- pop charger
- Aebs headers

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Probably low 13's, high 12's. Ditch the 2.25" and get a 2.5" exhaust. The 2.25" is a bit too restrictive for nitrous.
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