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Finally, weeks and weeks later, my car is done! New struts and springs! and :( no, i didn't spring for the AGX's, but in the future they are on my list.

overall impression: Wow! what a difference! i can't believe how much stiffer my car got. i scraped the ground for the first time the other day, scared the crap outta me. its a little lower than i thought it was gonna be, but i love it!

i say the ride is comparable to a miata...relatively smooth but hard on the kidneys when the bumps come around.

i'm finally able to make my conclusions about the setup cuz i got the correct strut on now on the rear drivers side. (had two right rears on there cuz tire rack sent two of em). now that the sway bar is connected again, it sweeps beautifully around curves. i'll say, i haven't smiled like that around a turn since i first drove my 240 around a curvy road. can't wait to get better tires on there. current skins: BFGoodrich "the advantage" tires. 185-65 -14s with a treadwear rating of 520! they squeal like squirrels being raped.

ok, i'm done :D
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