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Well, today was my first experience at the track, good ol' Englishtown NJ.

Damn it was fun as hell, just time trails down the strip. Makes me realize how much money some people spend to get their cars going as fast as they do.

it was an awesome adrenaline rush...and i was crazy nervous to boot. to make a long story short, after waiting in the stage line for almost 2 hours, i finally got my first run. really really really red-lighted (i went on the first yellow, oops), i bogged the start, realized i had let off the throttle, then got back on it to try to redeem the run--only to miss second gear. i did 17.2 seconds @ 84mph. EEK!

second run i got the right lane instead of the left, and i was pitted against an early 90's Mustang. I was a little more calm this time and managed to set my Gtech (to check for its accuracy) but then didn't have enough time to get a proper launch. The yellows lit up before i was ready and i heard the stang roaring. so, i punched the gas and heard the mustang engage the clutch, so i dropped the clutch as well. shifted ho-hum, obviously could have done better. i think something was wrong with the right side of the track cuz i ran 16.5sec @ 82mph. didn't get a third run cuz the track had to close sometime.

i'm definitely going back soon

any tips on launching at the track on street tires anyone? obviously, i learned that the track is a LOT stickier than the road cuz i can launch at 2500 on the street and get wheelspin. however, at the track, i just bogged. ugh.

thanks in advance!


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MY reccomendation is that you take me with you nextime!!!!!
peace bro

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Haha! Your post reminded me of my first time at the track.
I ran like a [email protected]ought something was wrong with my car, but after a few runs, you realize it's all driver, baby!
(got down to a [email protected] by the end of the night!)

Hopefully this advice will help you out:

- lower your front tire pressures down to 23-25 psi or so. Pump up the rears to 45-50 for less rolling resistance.
- Try to show up at the track with a 1/4 tank of gas or less
- when you stage, just *barely* light up the second set of staging lights, this gives you a rolling start
- hold your rpms at 3-4K, let the clutch out on the last yellow and slowly apply WOT as the car catches up. Launching will depends on your mods though, so you'll have to play around with your car (use that G-tech!) and see what works best.

Good luck!

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