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fix your broke motor mounts!!

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warning broke motor mount result!!

hey guys i got a story maybe you have heard before maybe some newbys havnt, well i am not a newby and i sure havent! well basicly as you can see im saying fix your motor mounts if broken righhhttt awayyy !!!! about 3 months ago my motor mounts started chattering, and i inspected them and it was the common passenger side mount (the noise makker) well i wasnt to consernd because i knew i was going to replace them when i swapped the engine. i had a broken cv rightt when the chattering started up, so i went and got my cv's done instead of motor mounts, and i unplugged my exhaust around the same time so the noise from the mounts wasnt to noticable and i forgot about them. well within one month my cv's busted again! lucky i was under warantee.. but i knew this wasnt just from my crazy drivving, so i started to go through things and thought it could be my motor mount that was making my cv's go out, and it was. well i still drove around after my cv's were fixxed again with the jacked up motor mount, but only for a short time. low on money ;) . well yesterday after driving around i feel my car start doing wieerdd crap. like when shifting to any gear the gears wernt in the same places as normal lol! and i loud clunk when shifting gears! (i did not drive around like this, just straight home!) well when i got home i look under the hood and my engine was visibly in a differnt place !!!! my hole tranny mount bolts busted off in the tranny and was diconnected, the other three mounts were crushed out with rubber hanging out... when running my engine was litterly touching the hood at open throttle and slamming against the cross member when clutch was ingauged to shift gears!!! yes i am an idiot for not adressing the first signs of a blown out motor mount, but wow that is crazy! it only took three months to loosen out the tranny mount enough to bust off all three bolts and rest the engine on the cross member! so change them right away!

on a better note i backed out the broken off bolts! and had my tranny mount welded verryy nicly and now its even stronger!! so my car is totally undamaged and didnt cost me ****! but u better believe i am not even driving that thing tell i get a new motor in with nice new mounts!!! if any one is selling some mounts for cheap ill buy.

ohh and please tell me if any of you have heard of a simillar story.. thanks. jake
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Damn, i better get some mounts soon. Never heard of that one before. Just get some ES inserts, theyre like less then $50.
and a tube of windo weld is cheaper and does all mounts
if his mounts are that trashed, id get new or better condition used mounts before using windo-weld or ES inserts, JMO. then use the windoweld or inserts on those mounts, if he wanted a more solid feel.
thats right, if u could find them it better to fix good ones than bad ones
when using windoweld, do you just squeeze it into the slits or empty spaces? do you use something on the other side so that none of it oozes out? I have a spare set of mounts at home that I want to try this on.
you need to use tape or something to prevent the stuff from oozing out.
Did the drivers side tranny mount bolts(x3) break? or the rear mount(1 bolt) break? I've never heard of the 3 breaking. And how did you weld it stronger? What part was reinforced?
it was the front three (i hope the rear is ok, i havnt checked) they all three just busted off in the trany all that was left was one busted in half bolt! i had to easy out the three chunks from the tranny... luckly there little short pieces stuck in the tranny. basicle what happend what from the engine rocking back an forth from the pasenger side mount being bad it loosend the front three tranny bolts just enough to where there weak and snap! its wierd u wouldnt think that like grade 8 bolts would snap instead of just ripping out of a aluminum tranny.

the front tranny mount is a piece of metal that was welded into a mount unlikine the passenger side, it looked to me when i pulled it out that two bolts went first and the last one was hanging on for dear life, so it tweeked my mount alittle bit. my uncle is a very good welder. so we vise gripped the mount and measured all the holes to make sure we made it all straight again and reinforced the whole thing intead of its stock little tig had like 4 or 5 tig welds around it instead of a steady bead of weld witch iss much stronger... the mount only tweeked in the places were there were no tigs. so now there will be no more messed up mounts.

and could you guys explain the window sealer and the es mounts in combination more so i can do the same when i swap them all out... thanks

ps if anyone needs some little stuff welded like there trany mounts ect. i would charge a small fee
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How do you guys tell by looking at the motor mounts that they are bad? I think I want to get some ES inserts but don't know if my motor mounts are still good enough to do that. Thanks.
Cannibal said:
How do you guys tell by looking at the motor mounts that they are bad? I think I want to get some ES inserts but don't know if my motor mounts are still good enough to do that. Thanks.
The rubber mounts that go bad are just metal bushings suspended by rubber ribs (for the lack of a better word). Just look at them and see if the mount is real loose or those ribs are ripped. The metal bushing should be suspended in the center of the mount.
mine were cracked and split and the bushing was about a half inch lower than where it should have been. I nad the same kind of experience with mine. My tranny mount completely busted out and was sagging. It enlarged the hole by an inch. A friend and I rewelded it after drilling a hole in the frame so I could get the bolt out. I found out that the shop that installed my clutch and flywheel had let the tranny hang and that busted th threaded bold on the frame loose. I was having trouble shifting though. It was funny because I could swear the tranny was moving on me. it was bad, it looked like I was just learning to drive a stick.
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