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Does anyone know why an air bag light would go on? Mine recently went did the usually of going on and staying on for 7 seconds but then it starts flashing. It was fine this morning and it was fine around 2pm (my lunch break).

Then about 7pm, goin out to my car...i noticed i don't have my car keys...damn, i had left them in the car. anyway........Does anyone think it might be because of what did next....

Fornately I left my sunroof open (tilted up and not open "opened") so then I got a broom handle and tried to fish the keys off from where u start the car. It was in the off position so i figure i could just pull them off. anyway, broom handle was too big to fit the key ring in it. so then i broke a long tree branch off and tried to get the keys that way but then i started messin with the door and tried to hit the door lock button. fornately i hit it and the doors opened and the alarm went off and all that. I went to get gas/get a spare key made then driving home I noticed the air bag light was flashing. I've looked in the manuel and it doesn't really give a reason as to WHY the light would go off and start flashing.

Could it have been cause I was messin with sticks in through the sunroof?? Or maybe I hit/poked the steerin wheel with the stick or broom handle too hard, I don't know if i did but i know the stick and broom handle were going all over the place cuz it was kind of diffcult tryin to manuever the stick with such little grasp but then I would have had to hit the steerin wheel kind of hard i think, and i don't think i did that.

I was thinkin maybe its a fuse or something like that that might be bad? Can i repair it (whatever it is) myself?

Anyway, anyone have any ideas or what it could be please let me know


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please don't mess with the airbag module!! they're expensive to replace and if you don't HAVE to replace one, don't. just take it to a nissan certified shop, preferibly the nearest nissan dealer. my airbag lite went off on my first sentra and they had to swap the whole thing.
by the way i used to sell nissan, so i speak from experience. don't risk it! your airbag may not deploy OR may deploy unexpectedly.

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