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Flooded pistons no#3&4

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A couple of weeks ago I finished installing a t25 kit on my friends B13. Last week, he was experiencing a couple of issues & his motor was leaking fuel. Since he had a spare highport, we decided to just swap it in & diagnose the problem with the old motor later.
We installed the "new" highport motor & were still having the same problem. We thought it was the cats, changed it, & we still have the same problem. We took the head off the motor & we spot that fuel is going straight through cylinder 3 & 4. Sparkplug 3 & 4 are also fouled.
What could it be thats causing the flooding?? Bad injectors?? Spanish witchcraft?? An ECU/ECM problem?? Let us know cause I am stumped.

The only fuel mod done to the vehicle is a Walbro #255 pump & ss lines.
The issues he was having with the car while it was running is that it had no power, was leaking fuel, & it was smoking, alot.
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lmao ! @ spanish witchcraft....
What computer are you using w/ this kit? If you used a stock computer for example with larger injectors it will flood the engine. What do you mean fuel is going straight through? Like not enough spark? You should try swapping the injectors to a diff cylinder and see if the same thing happens, then you know it's the injectors.
Make sure you didn't put the harness for the injectors on backwards. Kind of a long shot.
Maybe the injectors have bad o-rings, and are leaking. How much fuel is in there?
wow sounds like a lot of work for nothing, if you have cylinders that are flooding more than likely the injector o-rings are bad, especially if you used the same rail as the previous motor. Unbolt the rail from the manifold and turn the key on and let the pump prime. see if you get fuel shooting out past the injectors. if so there is your problem, if they were installed into the rail incorrectly and not lubed then the o-rings are probably ripped to shreds.

Check the obvious first before doing a ton of work like swapping a motor and pulling the head.
This is what happened. My friend bought an Ser. We bought installed a t25 kit(avenir manifold + turbo) and the rest of things to make it turbo on the stock DE motor.
He drove it for a couple of weeks & then one morning the car devoloped an irratic idle. He calls me up, I go to his garage to & the car doesn't even wanna start. Through prayer & yelling, I get the vehicle started & it sounded like pro comp STI drag vehicle. It was puffing black smoke & we let it warm up for awhile. I blip the accelerator & the car turns off. We change the plugs, wires, & dizzy & still no start.
Luckily, I had a spare Sr20de motor & since he needed his car to get back & forth from work, we decided to quickly to do a swap so he can get back on the road. I do the swap & still the same problem. I pull the plugs out & they were drenched in fuel, then I decide take the head off the block & I notice that piston numbers 3 & 4 have fuel in them & I didn't know what to make of it.
Now were here, on the sr20 forums asking for help
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Sounds like bad injectors to me...stuck open. A MAF or computer problem could cause the rich condition, but you should have 4 cylinders rich, not two. Since you have the problem on only 2 cylinders either you have not enough spark or too much fuel. Since you have new secondary ignition I would say the injectors are sticking open. Try some injector cleaner? Any thoughts?
i too have a similar problem.. i think my maf is going but another thing is... i dont understand about fuel pressure.. is the rail supposed to keep pressure when primed? After i put in injectors.. it held 20psi when i turned key to on.. any other time always drops to 0 pretty quick when i turn it off.. orings looked ok and i lubed them before putting them in... is it normal or not?
Swap injectors and see if the problem follows.
I got a sr20 up monifold engine in my car it lick bearings,could not get any crank shaft .so i got a sr20 53j00 engine an I installed it an now it mistfire an throttle rough
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