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flywheel bolt's

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hi i have tomei crank with os giken flywheel clutch combo in my gtir recently the had failure of the flywheel bolt shearing off. on dismantly found that the bolt are bigger than normal gtir bolt's and the thread is courser.m12 with 1.25 thread pitch they are 30mm long from head to end on thread.the shank of the bolt is longer than the normal gtir bolt so where the flywheel has been sitting it has worn the shank down ie shank 11.40mm thread is 12mm anyone else had this problem.

thank's zia
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cmng here
the one you email regarding the os giken clutch

i checked
Tomei Crank for RNN14 will require special flywheel bolt from tomei
you need to get the bolt from tomei only

unless you can get the actual bolt size
hello mate. yeah found out that previous tuner used rb26 flywheel bolt's cut down to 25mm but these and the fact they overbored the flywheel caused the failure. thank's have seen the bolt's listed but was unable to find dealer who could get them as carn,t seem get in touch with tomei by email?any link you can give me would be great.

thank's zia
err you need to call tomei dealer..
i try many time to enquiry the cam and valve issue also no reply
japanese.. some really wierd a bit when come to oversea business
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