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He wants to know how much he should ask, so I doubt he could let you know a price. According to the post, he is not even sure he is selling it.

He just wants to see how much it should sell for.

That is the whole point of this thread.

Does your car have rust on it? I myself bought a 91 SE-R from Fairfax, VA for $2500 about 6 months ago. I'd say you could probably get a little more than $3000-$3500 based on the mechanical stuff, but not a lot more. But it also depends on how bad the paint is. Some pictures might help, but if the car doesn't look so hot, you would probably get less.

Of course, I may be way off base here.

Hope this helps answer your question.

thanks tommy. no real rust anywhere. its from new england so its nasty underneath but the mechanics ive taken it to have all said it was solid. the guy who did the engine swap said it should last me another 100k or something like that.
the paint isnt too bad. a couple oxidation spots, but thats on the hood. everywhere else is good, minus the unpainted bumper.

i may be selling my se-r soon so i need some advice on how much i should ask for it. here's the specs:

red 91 se-r 166k, sunroof, ac
jspec primera engine (~40k miles on it and a powdercoated red valve cover mobil 1 used)
metal masters on all 4
newer tranny (~60k) with centerforce dual friction clutch
suspension techniques springs with kyb agx struts
unpainted 93 bumper on it
stillen exhaust
rockford cd player (not installed) with rockford amp pushing infiniti reference co-axials in the front and ads mids in the rear (the doors have a nice mounting point for tweeters)
no 5th gear pop-out, doors dont sag, idle steady, water in the trunk fixed before i got it, steady cold ac
problems: squeaking in steering, paint rather nasty, normal dings, tires are worn

what do you think? everything was done to it last summer (2000) or this past summer
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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