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For sale-KYB AGXs

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1 set of B13 KYB AGXs. Almost brand new, I installed them in June of 2003 with Hyperco springs and only drove the car until mid-October. They have less than 10 000KM on them, probably more like 8000. Those 8000 km are mostly light street use with the exception of one autocross (only 3 runs) and a half day at the track in October. They are 99% perfect, the only "problem" is one of the front adjusters does not pop up to the top of the strut. The adjustment works perfectly, you can still feel the detents on the different positions, but the first time i pushed the adjsuter down (before the struts were even installed) it did not pop back up.

I paid close to $800 for these once shipping and customs were taken care of. I am selling these for 500 FIRM. I will deliver to anywhere in the GTA.
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