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For those with the ActiveTuning RSTB

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Hey Guys! Dave from ActiveTuning here.

For those of you that have an ActiveTuning RSTB on your car, I just have a quick request. Could you guys take a couple minutes, and please post your reviews of the product here:

Your login/pw is whatever you made it (login is your e-mail address) when you purchased the product.

Thanks in advance guys!
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Thanks everybody, we really appreciate these kind comments! Keep the reviews coming ;)
Bump for those guys that have gotten the new RSTB ;)
got mine and love it!
Thanks Dave!

Will you have another sale on these? I would really like to buy one! PM or e-mail me with info..

As of right now, no....But even at $99, you can't go wrong. Ask anybody on here ;)

It actually wasn't a sale we had, it was a group buy that required 50 people to take off just $25.
$99 is still good.:)
Posted. Best 99 bucks you can spend to improve your B13s handling imo...
Threw in my 2 cents.....great buy.
I can't get mine to fit...the bolts are too short or the plate is too thick...or my strut top is loose...
gottabfast said:
I can't get mine to fit...the bolts are too short or the plate is too thick...or my strut top is loose...
Make sure the Active Tuning logo on the brackets face up, so the nuts fit into the counterbore on the brackets. Someone else had that problem already.
Also loosen the 3rd nut so the assembly can move around, to properly fit around the center lip.

If you still have problems, let me know.

<Post Back Up> Put in my review, i installed mine last night. The car feels much more responsive around corners.
Thanks for the great review Bryan, and glad you like it :)
SE-Rican said:
Can someone please post a pic of this! TIA!
Here's an installed picture - 1st batch with black brackets:

Here's a picture of the red brackets from the 2nd batch:

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Man.. i got mine on the first batch and posted my review then.. but i love those red brackets!
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