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Forced Performance GT3052

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Can someone confirm or deny that this turbo uses the same identical core as the HKS GT3037 52 trim . Thank you .
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It's a 52 trim GT30, I don't think it's identical to the HKS unit. This is a turbo I am very, very interested in since it has a 40mil wastegate flange built into it's stainless steel exhaust housing.
At their site the pics did not show any W/G flange on the 3052 . I enquired and it uses a T-3 external style exhaust housing . Sigh . I really want the 3037 but can't afford the premium charged .....

I think if you look at the pic you can clearly see the extrernal WG flange coming out where they're would be an internal WG "flapper" door. Besides that, im pretty sure it uses a DSM footprint, not a T3.
I assumed you were looking at the FP3052 and not the GT3052. That's a standard GT30 52 trim that you can buy cheaper from different dealers. It does have a T3 exhaust housing.
Whats the difference between the GT30 and the GT30R?
Other that one is 52 trim and one is 56?
Ah, got me too. Well, the "R" in any Garrett turbo signifies ball bearings.
But FP's website says ball bearing GT30, so should they have said GT30R CHRA?
JDM_2ner said:
Ah, got me too. Well, the "R" in any Garrett turbo signifies ball bearings.
No it doesn't. All GT series turbos are ball bearing. I believe the "R" signifies a different type compressor or turbine wheel.
sorry for resurrecting an ancient thread, but i'm in need of a gt30r turbo with the old school t31 4 bolt flange on it as shown for this turbo.

nobody really varifed that this was a full ball bearing center section or not.

I'm basically looking for a gt30r with a t3/t04e footprint, ie the t31 4 bolt flange,not the 5 bolt ford or 4 bolt gt flange as depicted at ATP Turbo.
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