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Hi guys.

Just rebuilt my sr with forged internals, also had the head polished and ported as well as having new valve guides and stem seals. Had the seats and valves re cut at the same time.

My turbo was rebuilt at the same time and had been running an oil pressure reg since.

My issue is I'm loosing about 1lt of oil every 200miles ish. When I start the car from cold it idles for about 40 seconds then starts smoking really bad. Obviously oil being burnt some how. Also smokes a little under high load and higher rpm 5500ish.

Did a compression check and all cylinders were around 115psi so decided to pull the engine and do a set of rings as the pistons were in the engine prior to the build and all seemed good to reuse. Just dropped the engine back in today and still seems to be smoking a lot on cold start.

Read a couple threads saying that the turbine seal on the turbo would cause this issue despite having my turbo recently rebuilt.

Anyone got any ideas that would lead to a fix? Loosing my mind with this thing now been at it 4 months and 2 full rebuilds. Any help would be amazing.

Cheers in advance.
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