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Found a new place to get 550cc injectors cheap

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Find a MKIV Supra guy who has upgraded. They use 550cc side feed Denso's stock in those cars.

I just scored a used set of 4 for 168 shipped.
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Are they the right Impedence?
damn blair, your getting everything really fast!!!!
I found a guy w/ a mkIII getting rid of his 440's, but their top feed... and low impedence...:( Guess I'll get a JWT fuel rail.
Just cause they are side feed doesnt mean that it will sit correctly in the rail, also the head of the inj might not be at an optimal'll notice it when idling supposedly. But if it does work then look for Rx-7 pink top inj? They are 550 denso as well.
Turbo MKIV inj are low impedence inj that also use a resistor box.

Get a honda or DSM resistor box or hell pulsar GTiR one if it can be found or ordered.
Yellow4g63 said:
Get a honda or DSM resistor box or hell pulsar GTiR one if it can be found or ordered.

i have 2 extra honda resistor boxes if anyone is interested
ok im confused here. hehe someone want to translate this into englis for those of us who are not engineers? I havent paid the guy yet, but they are Denso 550cc side feeds. Are you guys saying these wont work?
They are sayign that they might not spray at the optimal angle/position etc even though they side feeds. And regarding impedence, our injectors are high impedence. Thus if they were low impedence, you'd need to use a resisotr to lower the voltage going to the injectors.
so should I ask this guy something about them? im thinking about not getting them in case they dont work. what do you guys think?

There prob the same injectors just diffrent name on them.
blair id say get pics of them and post them.

from what i remember there injectors are side feed but there a completley different shape and will not work on a sr20 rail.

if there low inpedence no biggie you can use resistors fo that

i am not 100% sure but pics would help.

quote from another forum he says a different year supra but i am not sure if there the same......

MKIV 550cc Injectors in SR20DET

"Nope, they won't fit. If you can find someone who says they fit, then ask them how to do it. I looked at a set of them for some time and just decided they were not gonna work. The proportions of the supra injector are all wrong for the stock SR rail.

However, the 850cc secondaries from the RX7 FD fit the stock rail if you get the aluminum spacers that SARD sells for about $90. The proper spacing, swap on the stock o-rings, and use the FD connectors, then they work great. I am using these injectors as well as two other people on here (shirogomi180sx and Kaitain) SARD sells them as aftermarket injectors for the SR, but you can do it cheaper if you can get your hands on the stock FD secondaries.

Oh, by the way, the FD only has two 850's in it, and two 550's that won't work in our rails. You need the secondaries out of two FD's
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Blair, post up some pics of them. If I were in your shoes I wouldn't want to be a guinea pig for this project. Sounds like a Headache.
Yea i agree. I know what a sr20 injector looks like and I know if it will work or not. I'll try and have him get some pics.

Ryan, a BIG thanks for saving my butt on that one :D
Rx-7 550cc come top feed and side feed... the only way to tell is by the color. The pink ones are side and the red ones are top if i remember correctly.
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