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Every once in a while I find oil dripping from the engine. I can't tell where it's leaking from, even when the car is running. Well, the other day the engine was smoking pretty bad, so I popped the hood to see oil all over everything.

Well, after some close inspection I figured it was probably the oil feed port on the front of the block leaking....I guessed the banjo bolt had backed out and it needed to be tightened up.

I got a wrench on the banjo bolt, and torqued it down pretty good. Then, cranked the car only to have about 2 quarts of oil spew out onto the ground. It looks like the steel turbo oil feed line was severed right at the banjo bolt. I can't really see it clearly, but I will take pics when I remove the turbo. I assume that when I torqued the banjo bolt further, it severed the line worse than it was.

So, I ordered all stainless braided lines to replace the hard lines, and I'm sending the turbo to get rebuilt b/c the little ****er spits oil out the seals and smokes like crazy.

Ahh, the joy of having a turbo motor.
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