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Friday at Bithlo!!!!! See Chrono get Owned!!!!

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(Next)Friday at Bithlo!!!!! See Chrono get Owned!!!!

ATTENTION all Orlando area SR20s

Come see Chrono Get his Turbo Butt spanked by the Chemical god of horsepower AKA N2O! (Next) Friday night at Orlando Speed World Dragway.

Now he says it is his birthday so maybe we can chip in for his track admission. Also on the agenda will be me giving him a nice view of my taillights for a birthday present! He will love it! :D

Next Friday we won't have to worry about paying for Justin to get into the track because he will have birthday money to spend.
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He's always saying "Oh my car is sooooo fast.....Oh I spanked a Vette today....Oh I eat Ferrari's for breakfast..."

Man too bad I can't make it tho, I'll be sure to take a stab at the Chrono when me car is boosting again.....I'll have my chance to Own him!!! HAHAHAHA!!

hopefully ill see you guys out there, engine should be hooked up by tuesday...just need to hook everything back up and it should run.
Oh HELL NO! Man I am gonna have to figure out something to do! I am going to work my vocabulary magic with my mom, see if I change birthday dinner to a birthday lunch or something. Damn, why must I have morals!?!?!

How am I supposed to compete with a 109mph trap speed?!?!???!??!?!!!!!!!! I got mine up to 103 but I have a FEW surprises up my sleeve! MWAHAHA.

We really need to see if this can be pushed forward to Wednesday, I am almost positive I'll be dead if I cancel dinner with my parents!!!!
well russel to add on to your post, IF :rolleyes: i have my ECU and cams by friday which i would like to have, he will see a RED back end and a SILVER one...!!!
Oh hell no. I would hate to miss my own birthday party at the track!!!! :(

I understand Justin.....When I was in college I would have rather gone to a free dinner of my choice on my parents dime than GET OWNED AT THE DRAG STRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:

Maybe next Friday so some other SE-Rs can line up with Justin after I wax him. I cannot go on Wedensday so you have at least 2 wedensdays to practice while the rest of us wait.

Who is down for next Friday?
Crap I want to go....but you tell my mom I would rather race than go to dinner with her on my birthday. I will be dead. I gotsta see what I can do.

GET EM Justin, you better spank that ******, He punkin you out foo!!! lol J/p
I will be there whichever friday it is with video camera in hand! :D I heard something about a blue 4 door looking for a green coupe to pick on hehe.. this shoild be fun... AND DAMNIT LEO GET UR **** DONE ALREADY! lol.. j.p i know **** takes time.. see u all there

leo will be owning soon....give me a lil more time *cough* tom* cough* lol
im down for friday, i should be out there, hopefully ill see everyone there...**** i gotta get someone to drive my car in for only 16. dammit :confused:
Damn Crono, you are being "CALLED OUT". I understand not wanting to get the parents upset about missing dinner but buddy, he is testing you and your cars man hood here. You need to defend your cars honor and have your car at the starting line-up somehow. I understand you being frightend especially by the best 200SX SE-R Convention winner. We all understand :) :).

ah ****!!!! being called in front of the forum members you know you have to make good....make the SR20 proud bro!!!
hey hey hey now crono is my boy, and russ helps me with my car what do i choose
Leo look at it this way, its his b-day so instead of giving him twenty plus punches for good luck, just rip into his ass a bit on the track infront of everyone and my camera. :D its all in good fun.. sucks to be you justing.. lol just playing!

Chef, any chance we will see the black 4 door?
Hm this is so wrong....I am going to get so much **** for cancelling....damn what to do....

dont worry man go out with your parents cause family comes first, and besides u'll have one more week to get stuff/practice (besides i might need that week how slow my **** gets to me) LOL
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