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Let me start by putting this disclaimer: THIS KIT IS FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY AND I am not responsible for any damage caused by brake modification. Also, always get a certified mechanic to work on your brakes!

Ok now we can start the group buy :)

I wanted a big brake it for my GTIR. Long story short I found a solution that met all of my criterea:

Bigger thicker rotors for better brake torque and more heat capacity for less brake face on the track
Bigger calipers, to take advantage of increased piston force (only ideal if the rear is matched, but I'm working on that in the future)
Bigger pads for more swept area
Fit under most 15" wheels
Bolt onto our hubs

Here is the kit:
-Front J30 dual piston calipers. ~20% more braking force from the same pedal pressure both pistons are inboard so no wheel clearance issues
-Front J30 caliper brackets, milled to have the proper offset
-Custom caliper bracket for proper spacing to rotor diameter and to adapt bolt spacing for caliper
-12.9 grade metric hardware to attach everything

Things you need:

-Pads of your choice, anything listed for a j30 or q45 will work.
-Stock brake lines work, stock hub works.
-Front PT cruiser Turbo rotors. 280 mm or 11" 28mm thick, no hubcentric spacer required, must be redrilled to 4x100

Work required:

-grind a few mm of your hubs
-use a 27/64 drill bit and drill out the caliper bolt holes
-use a 12x1.25 to tap the holes you drill out
-bolt up!

I fitted the brakes two weeks ago, then raced an autocross course put on by Buschur racing. Total I have about 1200 km on these brakes.


WOW!!!! Pedal feel is very similar and after a day of driving I was starting to forget if the pedal felt different before, but instead of being rock hard from start, it is soft for the first 2-3 cm then bam, still rock hard. this is the result of having to move 20% more fluid up front.

Everything else is improved as well. Brake modulation is easier, and there is less total effort required on the pedal to get the same braking power. Stopping distance is shockingly short now. I did a few 100kph - 0 trials with some friends in the car that drive evo's and sti's and they were extremely impressed.

I also didn't notice any brake fade whatsoever, but I haven't done any road course lapping yet, mostly highway driving and autocrossing. I'm hotlapping a half mile oval this weekend to test the fade.

Clearance was tight on my wheels which have a 0 offset, and huge dish making the inside diameter very small. The spokes are also close to flush with the rotor face, making it very tight there. Mine are practically worst case scenario and they still fit. If you have 15 inch rims, they will most likely fit. If you have 14's NO WAY!! Look at how close your ad22's come to hitting stock rims.

Price of the kit will be group pricing, need 3 or more.
3 $375
5 $350
10+ $300

Deadline will be June 17th, with a ship date of July 1st.

If enough people need more time deadline will be June 24th, with a ship date of July 8th.

here are some pictures:


Old Kid driving....
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I like this a lot. Gotta find funds to pull this off, very interested.

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its billet, not cast.

Multiple autoX events with no issues. I can still get these.
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