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Anyone have pics of the nismo airdam?
Or any front bumper for that matter.
Anyone have Stillen, anything else?
Thanks, chris

Future 91-94 se-r owner
99 S-10 Xtreme [email protected] all bolt ons.

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The Nismo air dam is the same as the Xenon front my friend has the Nizmo front and I have the compleat Xenon kit and the front is the same.I've also installed a Stillen kit and a eurobuni kit Xenon fits the best and fills in the whole front where as the Stillen and the Eurobuni only cover the front and don't go back into the airdam so you can still see the stock bumper behind the vents.I also have a 92 se-r with the Aero Duo kit It's a cool front end that is a direct bolt on in place of the compleat stock bumper but it fiberglass so it cracks easy.and the kaminari kit is fiberglass that slips over your stock bumper talk about friend down the street has this kit I installed for Stillen and Xenon are the easiest to install but if you get Stillens kit buy the good double sided tape there s**t sux it don't stay on. and where it does stay is a pain to remove because it foam .
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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