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FS: 1991 Sentra SE-R (White)

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FS: 1991 Sentra SE-R (White) - Portland, OR


I have a clean title, 1991 Nissan Sentra SE-R. I purchased it in 2004 and I have no room to store it in my garage anymore.

Clean straight body that's rust free. Original paint in great condition for 23 years. Interior is in excellent condition (seats, carpet, headliner, sunvisors, etc.). Runs very strong.

New clutch/resurfaced flywheel, starter, waterpump, Moog inner and outer tie-rods, battery, belts, brakes (rotors/pads/fluids), injectors, distributor, spark plugs, power steering hose, spark plug wires, swaybar bushings, polyurethane motor mounts all around (it's stiff and rattles as it should with these mounts), battery and more. No door sag. Sunroof and moonroof work great with no leaks. Foglights work. CD stereo with four speakers work great. Original carpet in the trunk. No fifth gear popout. LSD still works. Steering is tight with a great alignment. No engine leaks, ever.

I have replaced the majority of components since I purchased the car because it was my daily driver, it drives great. I purchased from a service manager at a Nissan dealership who took great care of the car, and it now has approximately 149,600 miles. This car was not a beater or a toy or raced. I love it, and if I had the garage space I would keep it. I'm not going to park it outside and let the elements tear it up.

Rare aftermarket parts: Front and rear strut bars, whiteline control arm brace, hyper-co 2 springs with KYB 5-way shocks, and a cat-back exhaust. The car has white Kosei K1 racing wheels (11lb?) and a superb alignment. The engine is 100% stock and runs very strong and clean. I still have the stock springs/shocks and intake. I have a full official Nissan Factory Service Manual that comes with the purchase.

There's a few small dings on each door where someone opened up the door into it. Passenger side has a ding at the bottom that was there when I bought the car, it's not that noticeable since it's so low. AC hasn't worked in 10 years due to a bad compressor. have a brand new AC compressor ready to install that will come with the car, I just never got around to it. Tires will need to be replaced soon. It has 2012 tags and has been started regularly since being garaged full time.

You don't find many Nissan Sentra SER models around anymore. You might be able to find one in worse condition for $2,000-2,500, but you'll have to dump $3,000.00 into replacing every component that's already been done on this one.

Asking Price: $3,750.00.

Location: Portland, OR

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^Yeah what he said. 3750? wow.
3750? Wow.

I've been to SE-R meets and I've seen the condition of other SE-Rs.

Yeah, some people might have turbos, but they also have rust, dents, sagging doors and a host of other issues.

I see late 90's civic's with branded titles sell for $3,500.00 all day long.
welps GLWS clean car.
too far

ill buy it for 3k but youre too far away :(
Well, I'd go down some. I suppose any way I look at this, I'm going to lose a lot of money invested.
Is that picture with both SE-Rs somewhere in California?
Is that picture with both SE-Rs somewhere in California?
Yes, those are pictures from San Diego, CA (where the car was purchased). I'm in Portland, OR and the car is in my garage. I'll post up some new pictures when I pull it from the garage and give it a wash. It's just really cold outside and always raining right now in Portland, OR.
I wish you were closer !
Pm send
Guys...don't rip the guy for the price...really, really, clean OLD SE-Rs are hard to find anymore, especially relatively stock ones, and this one looks the part. Look at that engine bay! These are the type of people that you WANT to buy from! Best of luck with the for your Civic argument...Hatches collect a premium because of their potential;)

Gus, you gonna buy this...please tell me you're not gonna buy it and start tearing around in the forests and mud with this one:D
I'm in my way to the hospital , if I have to get surgery again in my knee I don't think I'll be picking this up anytime soon for money issues, it won't be a rally car No, this will take please to my clean no rusto B14 DD
Every time I have money and am looking, the cars are 12 billion miles away..... I like it.
I dunno...this one looks like it might be worth the trip
If I had the money I'd buy it in a heartbeat. You just don't find ones like this in such good shape nowdays.
Everyone, thanks for the interest and kind comments! I think I'm going to find a garage with a family member that will hold onto it for a while. I'll always entertain offers.
Has the car had body or paint work? How's the headliner? I ask because of the black molding at the bottom rear edge of the left front fender. Do you have other pics of the car, like the right side, front end, and rear end?
Good price. Much better than asking ~ $5k for a DET swapped rust laden turd. Good luck with the sale, Brother.
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