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Hey guys whats up a few of you have seen my car and know that its slow and i miss boost. So in an effort to get back into it i'm thinking about selling my car.

ASKING PRICE: 4,800 OBO! make an offer.

Performance and handling mods:
Off Brand SRi
Front and rear Matrix Strut bars
Eibach Sportline

Cosmetic stuff:
-JDM Lucino Front headlights (will need corners just haven't had the money or time)
-JDM Lucino Front grille with badging
-JDM Lucino Rear Badge

Audio ish:
- Alpine CDA-9847
- Alpine SPS-170A (front and rear)

All of these mods were done in the last 3 months so all of it is still brand new (i have all the reciepts to prove it)


-Brand new clutch was installed before i bought it
-114,XXX miles.... i'm the 3rd owner but the 2 previous owners were old ladies from florida
-Brand new tires no matter which wheels you pick
-i have the carfax report for it
-Interior is pretty nice... has a few marks but it was the main thing that sold me on it to begin with
-can easily get 360 to the tank depending on how you drive


-has a few marks on it, consistant with age tho
-the suspension squeaks a little but i'm not sure why, (only started when i installed the strut bars)
- Needs new CV axles (they are clicking but does not hinder the driveability of the car

Extra info: I've babied this car since i've had it. I've put about 5,000 miles on it in about 4 months, but that is due mainly to my driving to almost every meet possible and where i live to work and such. The car has had its oil changed every 2,500 miles or less. I constantly check everything on the car to make sure its running correctly. Also i have a 91 cam (not installed) but will be included in the price.

Asking price: 5,000 OBO

any questions please call 770-235-2573 ask for JM


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Yeah i do miss boost, and yeah i am sadly, i miss RWD (hence the S13 and 14) i had a RB20 power S13... so it'll take hella lot of power and money to get that feeling back. plus i'm in a bit of a pinch for cash... and nope sorry. kinda want the car to go as it is... thanks for the reply.
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