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Two years ago, I bought a set of rare 14x5.5 Revolution Racing wheels from former Solo II DS National Champion Mark Chiles that he used on his SE-R. See the wheels section in this article:

The set that I have are Anthracite Gray. Mark said that he used these on the street and they were in better condition than either the black or white sets that he raced with. They exactly match the rocker panel color on mine, and most other, B13 SE-Rs. They are paintable so I suppose that doesn't matter. I paid $300 with shipping included then.

These wheels are no longer in production. Similar Revolution Racing 14x6 wheels sell for over $200 each.

Anyway, currently mounted on these rims are four 195/60-14 Falken Azenis worn right to the wear bars. They are probably only useful for dry conditions. Having endured one season of heat treatments while autocrossing, they are still stickier than most street tires and can probably used for another 5-10 events before cording. I always switched back to my stock wheels and all-season tires between events so they have only 1000 or so street miles on them. Plus I used 15x7 Kosei K1s this past season so these wheels have been just sitting around taking up space in my garage.

The wheels are very strong and perfect for stock class autocross where 14x5.5 is the only legal size wheel allowed for the Classic.

If anyone is willing to pick them up locally (Northern VA area), I will gladly leave the tires on. Otherwise, I will remove the tires and ship the wheels for the same price. I would like to get $250 for all 4 wheels and will include 17 lug nuts and 4 Revolution Racing hub caps.


P.S. Will emails pictures upon request as I not allowed to post attachments for some reason.
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