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FS: 90 Tan S13 Leather Interior, front & Back seats w/ brackets/rails.

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I have some S13 leather seats. I have had these for a while. I was going to put just the front seats in my 91 G20. But later on decided not to.
Need these things out of the garage. I don't want to put them on ebay and deal with dead beat bidders, and have to keep relisting them and paying money.

Someone that would be willing to pick them up as well would probably be better. Not sure of to many people that would ship these.
Looking for $200 for all of it. If you want just a rear seat, driver seat, passanger seat. Then let me know. I'd be willing to part them out.
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how much for the drivers seat shipped to 01603
Make me an offer. PM me. As for shipping. I'll start looking for a company that would ship a seat.
I am not having any luck finding a company in OMAHA< NE that will ship these big things. UPS might do it. But shipping will probably be like $200 or some outrageous price.

So $100 come and get them, all of them. They are yours if you come and get them and put $100 in my hands.
Please someone help spread the word on these. I need to get them out of the garage. An would love to sell them to people. But I CAN NOT SHIP THESE. So you'll have to figure out a way to get them.
B13 seats are easy to take apart and can be shipped via FedEx, USPS or UPS. Maybe you can do the same with S13 seats.
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