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Car info:
1992 Nissan 240sx STD hatchback.
Factory hide away fog lights (EVEN MORE RARE)
Non-HICAS car.
229,350 miles (dont fear them. Youre missing out BIG TIME if you do)
5 speed
A/C and power sterring are the only options
manual windows
manual locks (has aftermarket keyless entry)
manual mirrors
rust free wingless hatch
slick top (no sun roof, moon roof, etc)
Maroon on black and grey interior
Sony aftermarket flip down CD player
newer aftermarket speakers

Engine: 9.9/10
The .1 is the fact that its not perfectly clean.
Runs great
drives great
shifts smooth at any RPM
compression tested VERY well
new tune up, timing chain and water pump, and TONS more (have recipts)
leaks nothing
burns nothing
SOMEHOW I'm averaging 30mpg!
always used 91+ octane fuels
10w40 conventional oil used since new
oil changed every 2000miles. NOT KIDDING

Interior: 9/10
The carpet is a little fadded, has a couple stains, but its not too bad at all!
No rips tears or overworn spots in seats or apulstry
No rips in dash
everything works
HAS NO INTERIOR RATELS WHATSOEVER!!! I'm saying theres none of those little buzzing noises, or clanking noises, or ratels of any kind on the interior of this car. Just imagine how tight a brand new car feels, THATS HOW THIS FEELS.
no smokers have ever owned it, it doesnt have any odors. INTERIOR IS COMPLETE, spare tire, wheels shocks, and jack all still in place.

it has 1 TINY bubble spot starting to appear on the drivers a pillar
It has a rust spot on the passenger rocker panel, just in front of the rear wheels, hidden down low right by the pinch weld. YOU CANT SEE THE RUST UNLESS I POINT IT OUT AND YOU GET ON YOUR HANDS AND KNEES.
It also has a dent where the previous owner ran something over on the passenger rocker panel. Its just crushed in at the very VERY bottom beneath the car. here again, you wouldnt hardly notice this unless I pointed it out.
Waxed twice a week (wednesday and saturday), washed EVERY SINGLE DAY on the way home from work.
THIS PAINT SHINES ITS BALLS OFF!! (excuse the expression, I'm very passionate about my S13's)

It rides like a brand new car, I'M VERY SERIOUS WHEN I SAY THAT.
new tires, less than 5,000 miles ago
new rear brakes, newer front brakes
No tears in axles boots
Struts AND springs have all been replaced. (Nissan OEM)

Car has never been in an accident. all body panels have original matching VIN tags, as well as the motor. THIS IS A 100% NUMBERS MATCHING CAR.

It was re-clearcoated, all the rear symbols were removed, and pin striping was added 4 years ago. ITS NICE!

I STILL HAVE THE ORIGINAL WINDOW STICKER, AND JAPANESE SHIPPING TICKET FROM WHEN THE CAR WAS SENT HERE FROM JAPAN!!(a whole bunch of unreadable japanese writing on a little yellow ticket) ALSO HAVE ORIGINAL OWNERS MANUAL AND CASE!! find that **** in another 240!!

The only mods:
The sony head unit, and aftermarket door and rear spekers (no subwoofer or tweaters were added)
248/248 cam set up at a 4 tooth retard, all bolts properly tourqued to nissan spec, new valve cover seal, and half moon seals were added
K&N cone air filter or "FIPK" or "P.O.P. charger"
and when I did the cams, the stock muffler baffles inside started to rattle a bit so I removed the muffler. Car is not loud by any means, and doesnt sound ricey at all. I take compliments all the time on the sound of this car and I end up saying "I just cut the muffler off LOL"
Also has E-fan. (clutch fan deleted)

A/c blows ice cold, heat will literaly burn your face LOL! head lights flip up and down fast, EVERYTHING, AND I MEAN EVERYTHING WORKS. Even the power antenna which I put a new mast in last week.

It has been called "The cleanest stock S13 in the city" (I dont know that for sure, but it is very nice)

Like I said, I cant wait to post pics becasue she will sell VERY fast.

$2800 is as firm as firm can get.

Will include the factory muffler. Its still in good shape, but it rattles at about 5500rpm due to increased combustion (intake, cams, etc.)

513-687-1938 is my number, Paul is my name.

[email protected] is my email

Cincinnati ohio, or MASON ohio to be more exact.



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The car is already on cincystreetracing, 240sxforums, streetracingdayton, craigslist, and autotrader. SO HURRY BECAUSE IT WILL NOT LAST.

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yeah... hey, if the drive is worth a NICE 240 then make the drive. HELL, take a grey hound up here, I'll pick you up at the terminal, we can make our deal, and then you can drive her home!! It WILL make it.


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Sale pending.... A guy is traveling 8 hours with cash in hand to see it tomorrow at around 1:30PM for $2800.

If you want it, you will have to out bid him ASAP!

I have not made a single promise, and I have no money to hold the car so it isnt sold until I have cash and signed the title over.

HURRY, and let me know.

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Car has sold. Sold only 3 days after being listed on for $3000.


P.s. It sold to a good home and is awaiting an SR swap.
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