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FS: B15 Sr20RR - $3k OBO

The time has come and I am selling the sentra. It has been put back to stock except for the B&M short shifter still in the car. I have silver fenders, hood and front bumper but the rest of the car is painted pearl green. it has 130k miles on the odometer but the motor was replaced under warranty at 52k miles and the tranny was just replaced about 5k miles ago. It is in very good running condition. The belts were recently replaced about 6 months ago as well. It has stock 16" rims and I will also throw in (2) stock 15" rims as well. Since I have owned the vehicle since 02, it has been well maintained and worked on by Serban ONLY. I need to sell this asap to get a spec-v my friend has for sale so I am open to offers that come along that are reasonable. The car is paid off and I will have title in hand for you.

Here is the repair list:
Starter - 3 yrs ago
Alternator - 9 months ago
Radiator - 2 1/2 yrs ago
power steering pump - 3 yrs ago
front right axle - 6 months ago

Current Mods sitting in the garage that I'll include:
OBX header + downpipe
2 1/2" full exhaust
Stillen body kit (front bumper, skirts, rear lip)
VIS laser fenders
(2) Pioneer 12" subwoofers
Box for 2 12" subs
DHD 750w amp
remote start unit
stock shifter lever
tyc balck taillights
carbon fiber eyelids

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