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I bought this S13 Greddy front mount intercooler kit to go with the big monster buildup Im doing, and wouldnt you know, with the power I'm looking to lay down, it's going to be my only choke point.

This intercooler is recommended for low-to-medium boost applications and will support UP TO 400 whp, or so it has been determined.

This is BRAND new, comes in the original box and is still in the wrapper. I sold the pipes locally to a 240 guy and now Im trying to unload this. This is a perfect application for anyone running a t25/t28 setup, or a mild t3/t04e setup.

The measurements are 24 x 11 x 3 and add on 3" endtanks on each side. Bar & Plate design. It is massive, and Im sure would serve someone perfectly. Just not in my application when Im looking at around 500 whp when it's all put together.

I'm looking for $600 shipped anywhere in the 48 states. I bought the kit new for a little over $800 + shipping. Price is somewhat negotiable to an extent.

No trades, unless you've got a new NX9-XTSS ACT clutch.

AIM/Yahoo: KrackMnkysNick
email: [email protected]
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