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I am selling my Stock T25 Turbo from my 180SX. The Turbo has no Visible Shaft Play and Was Hitting 11 PSI the day I took it off.

Here is another angle with the T25 and a Stock Manifold

I will sell the T25 with or without Elbow for $200.00 Shipped

I ship via USPS Priority with Certified Return Receipt and Internet Tracking.
I also have a Stock RPS13 180SX Turbo Manifold.

But Wait Theres More.....Special package price, I will sell the Turbo with the
I will sell the Turbo with the stock 180SX Manifold for 240.00 Shipped.

edit - GTI-R Mani is gone...have SR20DET S13 and CA18DET Mani's
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