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FS: Protech manifold and downpipe, NEW

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FS: Protech downpipe, NEW

Protech log manifold
Flanged for Garrett T3/TO4E turbo, Tial 35/38mm wastegate
Brand new
$425 shipped.

Protech downpipe
2.5" - 3" diameter
4-bolt discharge flange
2-bolt cat flange
Brand new
$325 shipped.

(+ Paypal fees, where applicable)

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i'll give you $350shipped
for the manifold or the downpipe.... :tongue:
manifold sold. downpipe still available. thanks.
sonnypippo said:
manifold sold. downpipe still available. thanks.
This would be sold if it had the T-netics 5-bolt flange on it. :(
For the downpipe would you be willing to work out a trade?
probably not, but pm me if you have any reasonable offer. thanks.
downpipe still available...
selling turbo + protech downpipe for $825 shipped.

turbo sold... someone please buy the downpipe.
what kind of turbo would this down pipe bolt onto? And this is 2.5" mandrel right?
i ordered the downpipe for a Garrett T3/TO4E, but it will fit any turbo with the 4-bolt turbine discharge. the upper section is 2.5" and the downpipe is 3". the whole downpipe is mandrel-bent.

1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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