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FS: SPEC Stage 2 Clutch kit, NEW

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Part number SN572
279 ft-lbs torque capacity

Includes: high clamp pressure plate, kevlar disc, release bearing, alignment tool.

Brand new.

$340 shipped (plus Paypal fees, if applicable).

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Whats retail on that clutch?
more than you can afford pal...

just kidding... i purchased direct from SPEC for $349 plus shipping. total was about $365 or so.
someone should pick that up. its a great clutch. i have the same setup. i just installed in my car and got it fully broken in and man does that thing hold good. ive also heard good things about the kevlar disks too. long durability and many other things. my pedal feels is just slightly harder than stock pedal feel which isnt hard at all. and its very very smooth engaging. i love mine.
thanks for the plug... bump. :)
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