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Hi All,
New to the RWD SR motors and came across something that I've never seen before, so im trying to find out who can help.

I have a B140 (nissan 1400 bakkie/ute) with a stock DET motor with the 5 speed transmission, but to make the conversion work length wise, the rear extension housing of the transmission was swapped with the 1 tonner/hardbody extension housing, as that housing is much shorter to fit stock gear lever hole.(also known as the "Stumpy")

On the rear transmission housing, there seems to be a pinhole with a small steel ball pressed in on the top right just before the sandwich plate, or in my case, used to have a small steel ball.

I can't seem to find anything online w.r.t what it is called and why that would cause to oil run out from the hole, its more flowing out when hot than leaking
attached are some internet images I found as reference,




Someone else ever experienced this ?
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