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Hi.. my fuel pump is dead and I have to replace it.This spring I will drop an bb sr20det in my nx and I want to know if I should change my fuel pump for a better one,if yes,can I put it now even if I dont have the bb motor?


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There is a Walbro high flow fuel pump that people were recommending on the main list a while back. Go to and search the mailing list archives for "walbro" and see if you can turn anything up. You could also do a search on "fuel pump" and probably get some good info as well.

Here, I found some of the info:

B13 and NX 255 lph use a GCA3375-2 (pump = GSS341)

B13 and NX 190 lph use GCA3373-2 (pump = GSS278)

B14 255 lph use GCA3376-2 (pump = GSS342)

B14 190 lph use GCA3374-2 (pump = GSS250)

"If anyone needs help sorting through Walbro's crazy part number system, shoot me
and e-mail at [email protected] - my work e-mail is a little more user friendly for a quick response." -- written by Carl H.

Couldn't find the pricing, sorry.

Another viable option is the 300ZX fuel pump, but I believe it requires some modification to make it work. IIRC, it's more expensive than the walbro stuff too.

Good Luck!

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