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Reposting from my message to the SE-R mailing list in reference to the SCC article which included Ryan Besterwich's monster turbo 200SX:

> 17PSI, BUT FOUND WHEELSPIN SO uncontrollable that the car was actually
> faster at 14psi. Se-r even in the dry the se-r starts accelerating hard,
> then levels out slightly as wheelspin takes over and the driver has to
> modulating the throttle. Then after the 1-2 shift the same thing happens
> again and the tires light up for a second time just past the four second
> mark. In the wet wheelspin is so bad in 1st that the 1-2 shift comes 10mph
> sooner and all of second is a throttle modulating wheel spinning frenzy.
> HKS civic is a low boost turbo, designed for emissions legal, wheelspin is
> much less a problem here, 1-2 gear as well. (Now if the SE-R didn't have
> much power it would have done better, but it just spun and did those
> accel times

(This is kinda pointed at Jay since he's had a lot of experience with high
power FWD and RWD cars, but I'm sure many others would know as well)

So FWD cars are very traction limited on street tires because:
1. Natural weight transfer to the rear
2. most FWD drive cars are smaller cars with smaller wheel wells which don't
allow for 275+ width tires like F-bodies, Vette, Mustangs, etc do
3. other reasons I am not aware of

When I frequented not long ago, guys on there would step up from the
stock 245's to WS6 and SS size 275s, or even high to 315s and some crazy
ones to 335s. These cars I remember (at that time) were in the low to mid
300hp's to the rear wheels.

*Even if* RWD has a advantage by default, most of those cars can stick
really fat rubber back there, where we get what, 215's max? Those domestic
RWD musclecars I just mentioned start out at 245 at the factory, 275 for WS6
and SS versions.

While I was on I heard about many people who massaged the fenders to
accept bigger tires. What kind of leeway do we have in the fender massaging
area, if any?

What happens when we stick 245/XX-16 inch wheel in the front, or even 275
with the correct offset not to rub on the suspension or fenders? They will
most likely sitck out (I think). Does that screw up the alignment? handling?
Would it be worth it to have these fat of tires on 300hp+ (maybe lower too)
SE-Rs for street traction? You see all those old RWD cars with the wheels
sticking out the sides. Why don't FWD cars do this?

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In response to the "it would look funny" argument, maybe people said the same thing back in the day when people started putting bigger tires in rear than in the front?

Also, I think it would help understeer as well since the rears would have less traction than the fronts.

I do know FWD drag cars do this of course, but I'm refering to on street tires in day to day driving.

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That is a very good point you brought up Ben. One reason I think that you wouldn't see this conversion (bigger tires in the front) on street cars is that the steering response will be affected. Being that the car is FWD and it turns from the front wheels it will stress the front suspension of the car.
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