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man, I dont even know why people mess with autometer crap. I just went out and installed a greddy fuel pressure gauge, and it kicks so much a$$. everything about it is so much nicer than any autometer gauge I have seen. instead of wires just hanging out the back of the gauge, it actually has a harness you plug in. the only hard part is the threads on the sending unit are metric and had to use a standard t-fitting. nothing too big though. and really accurate too. the only bad thing is it only reads it in bar. not gonna kill me, but when I look down, all I see it sitting at is 2.5 and it just kinda looks funny to me. oh well, I'll live. and the funny thing is that it is about half the price of the auto meter, and it comes with a sending unit and everything you need. even zip ties. I would highly recommend getting these gauges over any other brand if you have a little more money to spend. enough babbling from me. just thought yall' would like to know.
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Half the price of AutoMeter??? Straight from

16001201 60mm BOOST WHITE 736mmHG to 2.0 kg/cm2 188.00
16001209 60mm FUEL PRESS. WHITE 0 kg/cm2 to 6.0 kg/cm2 218.00

The AutoMeter boost gauge is like $34.95. Whatever yer smokin tonight brian, it's bad stuff.
I have to agree with Ben, Greddy guages are expensive. I would like to get an oil guage, which is about $188 (52mm). I havne't priced a fuel guage but I think its also expensive. the quality on the Greddy is high so I will agree on that part
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ya, oddly enough look in a summit catalog. they want close around 250 bux for it, and some places around here charge around 300 bux. the reason it is so expensive is that it has a sending unit and a bunch of other crap. I paid around 150 bux for mine, but then again, I do fill the guys NOS bottle. (Ari from rotary performance, you know the car on the cover of last months turbo mag, that guy
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I don't know why I'm even weighing in on this one. You guys seem to have all the issues covered.

Greddy = $$$$$

Autometer is cheap

I have to say that I love my Greddy gauges but if I was on a tight budget they would be the first thing I'd cut costs on.
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