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Gauging Intererest: T25 setup CHEAP

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EDIT: This also includes custom mandrel bent MAf to turbo intake pipe
W11 Ball bearing t25
BB Manfiold
J Pipe
370 cc injectors
Custom 2 inch mandrel bent IC piping
Custom Downpipe (not best shape, but will work)
SS Oil line

The turbo is arleay facing down and this includes the turbo outlet pipe too, and no notching of cross member is nesscary, etc. This is all you need besides fuel management, intercooler (pm me for details on possible IC as well if price is right), and exhaust.

Asking 700 dollars OBO for everything. ( U can be turbo for 1250-1500 bucks after purhcase of other items)

Hit me up on Aim: Rapidjiggle or pm me.


I have a buyer for The ic piping/downpipe/intake pipe.
If someone else wnats to buy the rest of kit , i will part out

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Interested... hit me back on aim today...

Definently interested.
Check your P/M's
Interested, let me know if everyone else falls through :)

Does the kit come with all the heat shields? Would you be willing to sell just the turbo, ex manifold, injectors, and jpipe?
I'm interested in the intercooler piping, MAF to turbo,and possibly the downpipe! That makes a complete sale!

PM was sent before, get back to me on the splitup as well.
And if you need the tuning for this sweet deal...

JWT ECU for 370cc injectors
$550shipped or best offer

This way you're not running pig rich and have a lot better tuning.

Edit: Don't mean to threadjack, but I figured I'd let them know what options there are out there. If you want I'll gladly delete. Thanks
To the top!!!
I have a buyer for The ic piping/downpipe/intake pipe.

If someone else wnats to buy the rest of kit , i will part out

Interested in t25 and j-pipe.

PM me with how much?
You know you want to turbo! u wont find much cheaper than this!
up up and to the top >.<
Witt19 said:
up up and to the top >.<
I keep looking for a PM..

That's just wrong dude ;)

R0b_ said:
Sold. I'm buying it.
I didn't see a response, posted my interest
in the t25 and j-pipe aeons ago!

Wham - Rob's buying it! What's up with that?

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy - good luck with
your turbo install Rob_. I *might* have lines on

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Well, actually I was the buyer for the IC piping and downpipe, but the guy who wanted the rest of the stuff backed out, and he talked me into buying the whole thing.

He was going to sell the whole kit if someone wanted it rather than parting out to me anyway, so I redid my numbers and decided to go with a DE-T instead of buying a whole avenir DET.
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