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What is envolved in swapping the gear assembly from one tranny to anothers case. Im pretty sure the tranny in my car is toast, but i have one with a bad case back home with a good gear set. Has anyone done this, and if so how difficult is it?

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well its not too bad...If you know how to take the trans apart and put it back together. I've done this before. The gearsets are matched so you need the inputshaft, mainshaft and final drive. You will need 3 different types of snapring pliers to take the case apart and pull the gearset.

-Put the trans bellhousing side down.
-Remove Mainshaft bearing cover (6 bolts)
-Remove snapring on shaft
-Remove washer and 2 locks from end of shaft
-Remove snapring from the outter edge of the bearing (must be clean to see)
-Remove all the case bolts holding the two halves together
-Use 2 prybars (screwdrivers) and pry the cases apart. Once you get a gap between the two cases use a mallet and tap against the mainshaft. It is a tight fit so you may need to use some force. Continue to tap the shaft and pry the cases apart untill they are seperated.
-Its a little tricky to get the upper half off. Pull up until it won't come up anymore, then lift the final drive side up and pivot it off and away at an angle.

now with the case half off....

-Remove the shift fork slide rod, grab and pull up. then remove the 5th, and 3/4 shift forks making sure that you don't lose the shift keys.
-use a prybar and remove the reverse gear shaft. use the lip in the end of the gear to pry it up. then remove the gear.
-Un bolt the 3 bolts holding in the input shaft. 12mm I believe.
-Heres the fun part. You have to pry/ wiggle the main and input shafts out of the case together. (The 1/2 shift fork stays in the case and comes out later.) The shafts won't come out one at a time. You may hassle with it but they will come out together..its a tight fit in the bearings.
-Once the gears/shafts are out there are 3 bolts that hold in the shift fork mechanism. 10mm.
-The Differential will just lift out.

You will probobly want to transfer everything over, bearings and all, to the new case. Assembly is the reverse. Make sure that the shift mechanism is lined up and working before you get too far into it. When you get ready to seal the case make sure it is a clean surface and smooth.

Hope this helps a little...

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