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hey guys

sitting with a small problem, not sure if its the tranny/TOB/ drive shaft bearing , pilot bearing etc

New throw out bearing with clutch kit about 4 months old, fitted the tranny back in everything went smooth for about 3 months ( no noise etc )
afew weeks back tranny starting making a noise when the car was in neutral, pressed in the clutch noise went away. Confirmed its the input shaft bearing. Sold that box to my buddy and he got it fixed.

ordered a "low mileage import gearbox" from one of the engine importers here in sa capetown.

before refitting the box i noticed on my drive shaft has some play by the bearing side ( mount over the bearing to the engine block or centric bearing whatever its called )
anyways fitted the shaft and gearbox back in and filled up the box with fluid.

in neutral with or without the clutch pressed in no noises rattling etc
put the car in gear with clutch in no noises or rattling etc
first test drive
1st gear loud howling type of noise starts at +-2k rpms ( specifically coming from the left side as in sa our cars in right hand drive )
2nd gear noise is abit quieter
3rd gear much more quiet
4th gear can barely hear it
5th gear very light humming noise

i obviously need a new drive shaft, just want to get some assurance that its the tranny before i pull it and send it back.

any info would be appreciated
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