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Gen3/4 HS primary, VC, small dry nitrous kit

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HS gen3/4 primary, High temp coated 1200*, baked, painted again and baked again. $75 shipped.

Infinity VC $50 shipped

Small NX DRY nitrous kit (If I get anymore pms asking if it's dry or wet I'll kill you)
has nylon lines, 2.5 lb bottle, nitrous solenoid, and small jets. may need a nozzle, I'm not sure. $175 shipped.
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Wow that is really cool looking, I like it. If you were selling the secondary with that coating I'd buy it in a second.
I used coarse sand paper first to sand off the ceramic coat, and then followed up with a fine grit paper, and cleaned it all off with alcohol before I started painting it.

each coat was baked for a minimum of 3 hours at 350* or more. first in line?
you are first in line BJ
I'm interested in the primary if it's not spoken for.
you're 2nd in line antonio........I'll let you know later tonight once I hear from BJ
HS primary is sold
back up
i had mine bead blasted to get pacesetter factory paint off then painted baked painted again and it holds up good been on for a year no signs of rusting/peeling.u did it right that will make a good header for someone
u did it right that will make a good header for someone
sweeeeet!!! :D that someone is me!!!!! good to hear....
NismoB14 said:
Dibs on the VC please

paypal me $50 and its yours.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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