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General Torque Question.

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A few weeks ago I replaced the front motor mount in my 92 SE-R. I followed the instructions from, now they say to torque the bolts to 40 ft-lb, lets say you dont have a torque wrench and you just eyeballed the amount of torque you applied. What would that realistically do to the mount or the engine. Also, I have only been driveing the car about 200 miles a month. And I will continue to do so until summer.
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Well, using the good ole arm torque wrench, if you were using a 6" wrench/rachet, apply about 80 lbs of force. If you had a 12" wrench, think of it as doing a 40lb dumbell press. etc. etc.

The worse thing that could happen would the nut would fall off and the bolt would come out. You'd still have 3 motor mounts holding the motor in place :)
Thanks, I was worried that something worse could happen.
i just realy cranked on it and mine is doing fine.....
Worst case is you'd either strip the bolt or break the head off. Would decrease the effectiveness of the mount, but wouldn't be life threatening or even anything expensive to repair... although it might be a big PITA to repair. :)
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