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Getting started: Carbon fiber fabrication

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I want to learn how to make carbon fiber parts. Can some of you that have experience with this give me some info? I need to know how to make molds, what parts i need, where to get them, and other tips. I am really interested in this, someone please help me out.
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Search around the net about working w/ fiberglass and learn on that, its basically the same idea just alot cheaper...
super street magazine has an online article about how to work with it , The company Fiberglast has some great kits as well info stuff.
Yeah, I've actually seen a bunch...they are just really lacking detail. But I only search for about 5mins before I get tired and come back here :D ;). Haha...

I've seen that super street thing, too. If I had the link I'd post it. Kinda gives you a good general look on how to do it. Before I was clueless on what other people where saying...

^^good finds, im gonna add it to my favorites.
The other venue that you might look into, is going to a good custom car audio shop. They are typically masters of Fiberglass, which would be replaced with Carbon mesh, same diff. Just another suggestion...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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