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My name is Aaron, I'm 32 years old and I am the owner/operator of FEZTEC. I spent most of my life serving in the USAF as an aircraft mechanic. A few years ago, when the military downsizing started, I figured it was time to move on. I am currently still working alongside the men and women of the armed forces as an aircraft engineer. My passion is cars, I am an enthusiast and I have owned, modified and driven just about everything you can think of. When I add them up, I have owned more than 34 cars since I was old enough to drive. Like most people, I wish to make a living doing what I enjoy. Which brings me to FEZTEC. My goal is to get FEZTEC to a point where I can say good-bye to my current line of work and operate FEZTEC full time as well as open up a retail/installation shop in Slidell Louisiana (near New Orleans) sometime this spring.

About the site. I have spent over a year gathering information and obtaining wholesale contracts. I focused mainly on cars that I have an appreciation for, which is what led me to this forum. I assure you that nothing on my site has been marked up, it's all listed at MSRP or less and I am working on getting the prices more in line with the market. This is also the purpose of the Price Matching policy, because not only will you be able to get what you are looking for at a better price, you will be supporting a fellow auto enthusiast rather than some mega corporation. I strongly encourage you to point out where a better deal can be found, because when I see it, I will do my best to match that price and that will become the standard price offered to everyone, not just the person that pointed it out.

"Live as if you will die tomorrow. Dream as if you will live forever". The road ahead will be a rough one, but I am going to make this work and I hope to be part of your community for a very long time.

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